Consumer Protections

Consumer Protections

Freedom means strong customer defenses that don’t enable banking institutions to tear down or discriminate against their clients.

Key Policy

Overhaul the Federal Arbitration Act that stacks the deck against customers and employees.

As soon as your bank card company rips you down, you ought to have the proper to every day in court with a decent attorney, complete liberties, and general public transparency. In many cases, though, the ongoing business probably forced one to sign away that right. As customers, we must also have the ability to a good procedure and strong protections that continue companies honest within the place that is first.

Other Important Policy Areas

  • Pass strict laws on predatory lenders
  • Improve standards that are antitrust
  • Protect your legal rights over your data that are own
  • Revive the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s enforcement authority
  • Fight big data discrimination

Criminal Justice Reform

Freedom means a good and racially-equitable unlawful justice system.

Key Policy

Experts within the field agree that far people that are too many locked up unnecessarily in the usa. As a result, we’ve the incarceration rate that is highest in the planet. We would still have the 28th highest incarceration rate globally–just after Nicaragua if we were to reduce this rate by 50. In certain situations, incarceration really contributes to a rise in criminal activity. It’s not merely a matter of closing down prisons; we should also spend money on social solutions and diversion programs, and enable individuals to rehabilitate. We require better and improved ways to deal with criminal activity and poverty, in both the unlawful justice system plus in culture.

We shall guarantee more and more people are free by reducing the amount of people incarcerated in the usa at both the federal and state degree by 50%. To make this happen, we will:

  • Double funding for federal funds for states that invest in justice reform that is criminal
  • Eliminate incarceration for medication possession, reduce sentences for any other drug offenses thereby applying these reductions retroactively, legalize marijuana, and expunge convictions that are past
  • Eliminate minimums that are mandatory
  • Establish an unbiased clemency payment that sits beyond your Department of Justice
  • Fight the revenue motive within the unlawful justice system
  • Lessen the criminalization of poverty and its particular backlink to incarceration
  • Appoint U.S. Sentencing Commissioners, legal counsel General and Deputy Attorney General deeply focused on attaining this objective
  • Nominate judges from under-represented backgrounds, including females, individuals of color, general general public defenders, and rights attorneys that are civil


Freedom means dignity, access, and belonging.

Key Policy

People who have disabilities are—as they will have constantly been—an indispensable area of the US tale. Yet in most issues with life, people who have disabilities must cope with real and obstacles that are invisible. This truth must alter. As President, Pete will tirelessly advocate for folks with disabilities, so they really not want to do it by themselves.

Other Important Policy Areas

  • End the wage that is subminimum.
  • Double labor pool involvement prices of individuals with disabilities by 2030.
  • Make comprehensive training a nationwide expectation.
  • Eradicate the “benefit cliff” for Social protection impairment Insurance.
  • Need all new transport tasks with federal financing to be 100% available.
  • Develop A available Technology Bill of Rights.
  • Result in the voting procedure and polling places available to any or all.

Election Safety

Protection means protecting our democracy.

Key Policy

Improve election safety.

Our democracy is sacred. However in the century that is 21st it really is dealing with unprecedented threats. We have to protect better cybersecurity to our elections and more protected voting infrastructure. A paper is needed by us path for almost any vote so Americans might have self- self- confidence that their votes are counted in election results. We require a nonpartisan and election that is fully resourced to stop unjust partisan skewing of our elections. And now we intend to explain to international governments that when they make an effort to interfere inside our elections, you will see consequences that are serious.


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